Apparently, crackers *DO* expire!

Today, I learned something:

Most boxes of crackers have a 'best before' date on the top of the box.

Most of the crackers in my cupboard had a best before date in the early 2008's.

Needless to say, they're no longer in my cupboard.

Actually, there are quite a few things no longer in my cupboard! It's been a LONG time since they'd been cleaned (2008, maybe? :D) and they needed a good going-through.

Will I ever eat the marshmallows that have turned into deadly projectiles? Unlikely. The old box of Minute Rice? Erm, no.

And I certainly didn't realize that I had a box of Lipton Chicken Noodle soup in there that expired in 2007!!!

I guess it's easy to see what we don't miss eating, based on what I we haven't been using. And now, I can actually see everything in there, AND there's room for more!!

Among the remaining items, a few things I'm going to need to figure out something to do with:

-2 bags of cornmeal
-2 1/2 bags of icing sugar
-A multitude of "Hippie" things: - Flax, Bran, Sunflower seeds, etc etc.
-An awful lot of dried apples
-2 bottles of clam juice >.<'
-Several cans of stewed tomatoes

Any ideas? I'm not so keen on just throwing them all in a baking dish and baking at 350 for an hour... :D


Leanne said...

throw all the hippie things together with the dried apple and make some trail mix

Stewed tomatoes... lasagne

Chantel said...

I *do* have a box and a half of whole-wheat lasagna noodles!

Syl said...

this post reminds me of my aunt who found a 12 year old bag of flour in her pantry when she moved out of her old house :-)

i bet you feel so much better knowing whats in there and having it organized. Makes shopping for the things that are missing alot easier :-)

Visichy said...

Cornmeal - make cornbread. It's a great side dish to a hearty bowl of soup or stew :)

Sephgirl said...

You can make polenta with the cornmeal which is really just cream of wheat with cornmeal. I love it - some people make it savoury. I always like it with yogurt and frozen raspberries. Yummy! :)

Anonymous said...

-2 bags of cornmeal
**Polenta! - you can bake it all together in a pie dish and make it in a sort of polenta 'pie' - then serve a few slices over basmati rice with some salsa

-2 1/2 bags of icing sugar
make sugar cookies and decorate them with icing

-A multitude of "Hippie" things: - Flax, Bran, Sunflower seeds, etc etc.
*flax - in smooties, cereal, oatmeal, pancakes...
*or make some muffins with all of the hippie above ingredients and some dried apples...

-An awful lot of dried apples
**chopped up can be thrown in oatmeal in the morning, or muffins, loaves... maybe try soaking them in vodka - apple vodka?

-2 bottles of clam juice >.<'
*add tomato juice - aka clam-ato juice! <--- ceasars!! :D

-Several cans of stewed tomatoes
**chili - soup - spaghetti sauce
(all freezable if need be)

Pandrea said...

Off topic: I don't know if you've seen the new movie Julie & Julia, but I suspect you would like it.

Abbey Shaw said...

Can you please stop being so darned adorable?!
That is all.

Chantel said...

Kame-Sama... I've seen it a couple of times. I'm thinking of buying it.

On a side note to that - Apparently in her new book, the Julie of Julie and Julia reveals that she spent a lot of time cheating on her husband, both online and irl.

Carole said...

If you have anything unopened that you don't think you'll use, drop it off in the bin at the grocery store for the local food bank.

Anonymous said...

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