As you can tell, I love chocolate. Love love love love love. Dark, milk, white... Dipped, plain, liquid... Filled with ganache, or nuts, or caramel... Flavoured with mint, orange, ANYthing.

Anything from a cheap "chocolate" from the dollar store to high-end, melt-in-your-mouth truffles.

Chocolate makes me happy.

So why am I giving it up?!

That's right, I am going to do a 3 week NO CHOCOLATE CHALLENGE!!

Chocolate and I have an unhealthy relationship. I can't resist it; it follows me around, clinging to my hips and thighs. I realize that SOME chocolate is fine, but I have been eating FAR TOO MUCH of that luscious stuff. And while searching for my seemingly walkabout willpower, I realized -

I need to be the MASTER of the chocolate cravings.

So, starting Friday, January 29th, I will not eat ANY CHOCOLATE until Friday, February 19th, which is the day I go on staycation.

"But wait!" you say. "That's over... VALENTINE'S DAY!!!"

Yuuuuuup! I will not eat ANY chocolate for Valentine's day. I don't need chocolate to know I'm in love. I don't need chocolate to have a lovely time.

(Gah! What have I gotten myself into?! Wish me luck!!!)


Abbey Shaw said...

This is fantastic. I'm really proud of you.

Pandrea said...

Hmm, maybe I will try a chocolate vacation too. For SOLIDARITY.

Although, knowing me, I will probably substitute something worse in its place. Maybe I'll try a week to start.

(I still have Christmas chocolate in my house.)

April Fire said...

That's a great challenge! Hope it goes well for you. Making the Hubby do it along with?

Chantel said...

Not making DH do it. He loves his mochas too much to ask him to do that!!

Kame-Sama, I'd love an ally!!

cdblueberry said...

Chantel, I did this a few years ago.

Chocolate is not a trigger for me anymore, thank god and I can have it in moderation.

Cheap chocolate is disgusting to me now too.

Now, if I could just get over bread/flour type foods.

Moriah said...

Good Luck Chantel!

Amber Samaya said...

Heehee! "I do not need chocolate to know I'm in love". You are so priceless!!!

Katie said...

Good Luck Chantel, you are a far stronger woman than I!!! I need my thin bar fix at least once a week or I get super grouchy. Way to go!!

Carole said...

Hi Chantel,

This is Carole from the WW Messageboard. Anyway, it's great to connect with someone from Whse.

Have you heard of Urban Yukon? It's a local online blog community. You're welcome to join us, though my posts have been somewhat erratic. When I get very busy, I don't post much. Anyway, welcome!

Kimberley said...

Good luck, Chantel!

I couldn't do it.