Day 3, and all is well.

I've actually been having a harder time using all my points the last two days! My week changes over on Friday, so I have all my flex points for the weekend, and normally I'm through about half of them by Sunday morning. Not this week! I haven't TOUCHED them yet! In fact, Friday I was under by 4 points, and yesterday, I was under by half a point!

Crazy stuff I tell you.

I was walking (limping) through Shopper's Drug Mart yesterday, and I saw all the Valentine's chocolates there... I was so happy, looking at them, thinking of buying something yummy... And then my heart sank a little bit, remembering that I was taking a break from Chocolate. All those heart shaped boxes, valentines themed Toblerones, bags of Cadbury eggs in pink and red...

Not this year.

Ah well...

Last night, I had 16 points left after supper. I was a little shocked when I realized that, and I figured that I would get myself a treat. Or two.

Ice cream!

Do you know how few yummy Ice Cream options there are out there without chocolate?! Very few. "I've never counted Oreos as chocolate!" Chris piped in. There may have been a very stern look sent his way.

I settled on Pralines and Cream, and it was delicious.

I've been told that 3 weeks is probably too ambitious. 3 weeks is too long for ME to go without chocolate. That's the point! If I can't do something ambitious, then what's the point of doing it at all?! It doesn't prove ANYthing to me!

I will do this!

I haven't yet decided if "Epicurious" is going to be an exception... It might be. We bought tickets a few weeks ago, and it's our reward for having dealt with our horrible neighbour for so long, and WINNING, dammit! Massimo Capra is going to be there!! I'm really, really excited about it, and I'm trying to save lots of my FP for it!

Re-reading this, it's a very long, bloggy, disjointed post! But, I'm going to leave it JUST as it is.


Visichy said...

I'm doing something that might work for you. I'm going chocolate free except for one time per week. That way I save my one time for something I really want. But the funny thing is, I'm 3 weeks in and haven't had chocolate even once. I crave it but I don't want to waste my one time per week on an impulse Kit Kat bar just in case we go out for dinner and I want to treat myself to a chocolate mousse and biscotti dessert LOL. And the funny thing is, I don't miss it as much as I thought I would.

My week is Monday - Sunday so I seem to want chocolate more on Mondays (when I can be strong and tell myself I might want something better later in the week) and it seems by the weekend I don't want chocolate as much.

Anyways, it's a funny little mind game but it seems to be working for me. :) Good luck!

Stephanie said...

You know, once you have been off chocolate for a while, Cadbury's and Hershey's might begin to gross you out. It's such bad quality! When you're ready to reintroduce it, go for a verrrry dark, low sugar, organic kind. It's a completely different experience.