I love dinner parties!!

Even when I'm the one hosting them, lol!!

Tonight, there will be 5 people eating supper at my place... Those of you who know me know how challenging it is for me, making friends. The fact that 3 of the people eating at my house tonight don't actually HAVE to be there is pretty amazing to me.

The menu?

Homemade pasta with olive oil and fresh parmesan
Spinach salad with apple, raisins, and maple-pecans
Orange-rosemary chicken

And then for dessert, Pavlova. There are meringue shells in the oven atm, and Annika will be making up a curd to go on top.

I'm actually remarkably un-stressed, too! My lovely husband is making fresh pasta right now, so it only takes about 5 minutes to cook at supper time. The chicken should be quick to pan-sear and then just plunk in the oven with a probe thermometer. Salad is not exactly challenging to make.

Full report to follow. :D


WonderWoman said...

OK, so it should take me a few hours to get there....lol. It sounds amazing!

Katie said...

Sounds very good! I wish I was having that for dinner!LOL!