It's good to have choices!

"It's lunch time on the farm. The animals are very hungry - But where is Farmer Brown?"

It's wonderful to have options when it comes to meals out. Today's lunch comes from our cafeteria.

Today's special? Turkey Lasagna (Mmm, and nice and healthy!) with...

Uh oh! Caesar Salad and Garlic Bread?

Don't panic! You can always... SUBSTITUTE!

So instead of caesar salad, I asked for green salad, and topped it with Kraft Calorie Wise Zesty Italian (5 calories per tbsp! Wow!) and instead of garlic toast, I had a slice of their homemade, whole-wheat bread, nothing on it. A delicious lunch, for WAY fewer calories than the original!

Top that off with a slice of nice banana bread (instead of the butter tart I'd been eyeing up) and a Diet Pepsi, and I feel VERY good about myself!

Add that to the Jogging I did last night (6 minutes, yay!) and weight lifting (small weights, to help tone my arms) and I feel like I'm in a GREAT place here!


Sadie said...

You, my friend, rock.

Syl said...

Chantel...you are AWESOME!

Abbey Shaw said...

You are absolutely incredible.
You kick ass. I need ass kicking lessons from you.

Katie said...

Way to Rock the choices! Awesome job!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Carole said...

I just recently discovered how an apparently "healthy" meal is smothered in calories. A couple nights ago I ordered a Chicken wrap with salad and asked for all dressings to be on the side. The waitress recommended the Caesar salad since it had been their lunch special. Fine, but dressing on the side. I was feeling pretty good about myself until I got home and calculated the points; I was shocked. After adding the bacon, croutons, tortilla...Will order green salad next time.