Welcome to a new decade!

Hi there! Remember me? I'm that person who writes this thing...

Is supposed to be writing this blog, at any rate! Sorry for the lapse, oh Ever-So-Cool people who read my Blog!

Christmas was fabulous, other than the lovely colds that Santa dropped off for Chris and me! We spent lots of nice time at home, relaxing, and it was wonderful. I got lots of nice presents (I'm so lucky!) and, I think, gave people some things that they really wanted.

I took about 3 weeks off of WW, though, and ate. It was delicious, and totally worth all of the 7.5 lbs I put back on. Yup, 7.5 lbs. Do I mind that I gained some weight? Not a single bit!!! I had a wonderful time, and I'm back on plan now. If I'm going to be healthy for life, part of that is realizing that real life has times of feast, and times of calm. There are holidays, and vacations, and you eat! We all eat! Food is for enjoying!!

But speaking of Weight Watchers, I had one of the most humbling (in a good way) experiences of my life recently:

My aunt recently got Lifetime!! She looks amazing, and she has worked SO hard!! When she got lifetime, she asked me to be her guest, to come to the meeting with her and be there for her. It was such an honour for her to ask that...

But then, she had been talking to her Leader about me, and her Leader asked if *I* would get up and speak at the meeting!!! About how I'm doing this, what changed, etc... I just talked briefly - Maybe 3 minutes (correct me if I'm wrong - I could have TOTALLY been blathering on, lol!), but they clapped at the end... I could feel all the pride in the room.

And then the leader said that, as a guest speaker, I should at least get some swag... And she gave me the 10% keychain, and a 100 lb "washer" thingummy - apparently the first one they've ever given out in Whitehorse!!

It was amazing, and kind of surreal... I had people come up afterwards and shake my hand, and one wonderful lady (Blueberry Picker, whose real name escapes me right now - I'm so sorry!!) who even said that she read my blog!!

I am so humbled, and touched... These are the kinds of life-experiences you just can't measure with any available scale, or pay for with money...


WonderWoman said...

I am so happy for you and your aunt!

I love the blog background too, very pretty.

Kristi-Bisti said...

I am so impressed with your attitude about eating and gaining weight over the holidays! And I am even more impressed that you are back on program now! You are exactly right about how real life works. Thanks for your insight.


Abbey Shaw said...

That is all for now.

Tamara said...

What a lovely experience Chantel. And you really deserve it too! Great attitude about Christmas. You'll take those 7 lbs off in no time.