Blog writing = Kick in the butt

Sometimes, writing my issues in my blog, putting it out there for people to read, is enough to give me a kick in the butt.

I wrote that I knew what I was supposed to be doing, and then I thought: Wait. Why AM I not doing it?!

Even if I go over my points, I can still track. And when I track, I'm WAY less likely to go over my points.

All this to say that, since my previous blog post, I've been tracking again.

(PS. Two more sleeps until I can eat chocolate again! I'm going to make it!!!!)

(PPS. I don't count the rebellious sip of DH's mocha I had, because coffee is vile, and I couldn't taste any chocolate and it was icky.)


Abbey Shaw said...

I love you, you're hilarious.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Hi from Faro!!

I just started adding my weight loss journey to our blog and have found it so motivating. I love (and thrive on) the support I receive from readers.

I hit my highest just before Christmas at 324. At New Years I was 321 and have lost another 15.5lbs since then. Seeing that scale go down instead of up is wonderful. This year I turned 30 and I proclaimed it my year for change!

Glad you listed your blog on UrbanYukon! Great to read about someone else going through the same struggles.