Chocolate-Free challenge - Day 10

I'm nearly half-way through my no-chocolate challenge, and every day, I think about quitting. How sad is that?!

Maybe I picked the wrong time of year for this? Every time I walk into a store, the first thing I see is chocolate. That's not even as a result of my fixating because I miss it so much! Currently, chocolate is EVERYwhere! All in brightly coloured packaging, designed to look as appealing as possible.

The coffee shops and bakeries are pulling out all the chocolate-stops, with cookies, bars, mousses, truffles...

And there I am... Lonely, chocolate-free me.

I could use a big, steaming mug of real, homemade, high-quality hot chocolate right now... Or those adorable little chocolate cookies I made this time last year...

Part of me feels five years old again, stomping my feet and moaning about how UNFAIR it is that I have to do this.

But I'm CHOOSING to do this. It's not a must-do. I could stop any time I choose.

Is this the right choice? Was 3 weeks of no chocolate too ambitious? I'm starting to think that maybe it is. Maybe that's just the cravings talking.


Visichy said...

You are doing awesome! Keep it up and soon you'll be home free :D

Syl said...

you have made it through so many obstacles Chantel, this my friend is a piece of cake - not chocolate, something better, cheese cake this is like cheesecake :-)

You are in the home stretch girl, prove to yourself that you can do anything, because i sure as hell know you can!

April Fire said...

It's supposed to be a challenge! I think you've picked the PERFECT time (other than maybe Christmas or Easter) to stop eating chocolate.

Keep it up darling - 10 down, 11 to go!

(BTW, say hi to the hubby for me! I miss you two)

Tundramunkie said...

You know how proud you're going to be and how loud we're all going to cheer when you finish the three weeks?

persevere, gorgeous, and then revel in the victory!

gettingandstayinghealthy said...

Repeat after me: Today I'm not going to eat chocolate. Tomorrow I'm going to, but not today.

Then say that every day. :)