1 day on plan

Well, I made it through yesterday, tracking everything! I was actually under my daily points by 3.5, but I figure that I've been over enough lately that I didn't need to push too hard.

AND I'm tracking today too... I've already put in my meals, and have 13 points besides that!

One note of sadness, though... When I lived in the lower mainland, I LOVED Red Robin... I'm signed up for their "Birthday Burger" program. 1 week before your birthday, they send you a coupon for a free burger... Today, I got the coupon.

I miss Red Robin, darnit!


♥AbbeyMaybe said...


cdblueberry said...

I didn't know robins could cook ;P

You do rock :)

anne h said...

Well, there's always next year!
Good for you and your plan!

Sephgirl said...

Nice you're sticking to your plan. And a bit sad about Red Robins - I love that place too! :)