So MAD at myself!

I'm so MAD at myself for letting myself slide so long! How much weight could I have lost in 3 months, huh?

Why did I forget that hunger isn't an emergency?! I'm allowed to feel hungry! I'm allowed to let myself feel that, and wait.

I will GET UNDER 300 LBS! I'm not going to kill myself like this!



♥AbbeyMaybe said...

We all believe in you, and support you.
You are so much more than capable.
You are succeeding with every healthy choice you make.

The Incredible Shrinking Tushie said...

I second what AbbeyMaybe said!

Vicky said...

You are doing awesome! Look at the big picture. The occasional slide is normal and very human. The important thing is to get back on track and focus on the little things that make the big picture such a success. Keep it up :)

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Don't get mad! You need to love yourself and realize that you are worth it!

I truly love the line, "Hunger is not an emergency!" and I will be using that one to help myself out. Thanks for sharing it.

Tundramunkie said...

C'mon, lady - you can do it!

Kimberley said...

You can do it, Chantel.

You've done amazingly so far.

You're awesome. Don't forget it.