Happy Friday!

I know, it's not actually Friday. But for ME it is!!

It couldn't come at a more welcome time!

I had another panic attack today. I was terrified, beyond what was reasonable. And it was EXHAUSTING. I'm trying to make an appointment with my psychiatrist to look at some short-term medication aides for my panic attacks. Still not eating my way through this, though!! On-Plan!!

I'm VERY much looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. And to WI.

A&W for lunch today, so that DH and I could sit in the car, in the sunshine. 1/3 of a medium fries, and a Mama burger, hold the mayo. Fantastic!!

I'm looking forward to having my evenings free again, because I'd love to be able to get out and go for a walk. The weather has been for the most part, very nice here! Sunshine. Light, fluffy clouds. Dry and clear. I walked to Tim Hortons today, and I really enjoyed getting out there, putting on my iPod, and walking.

Kame-Sama... It's not a tattoo of a cucumber, silly!! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5568902&l=233b31d063&id=685870742

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