I need to remember this, for the future...

Every time I go off plan, I eat food. Lots of food.

Lots of unhealthy food.

And then I wonder why I feel grotesque, and always hungry.

These last few days, I've been satisfied, and feeling healthy... And what have I been putting in my body?! Good, nourishing, healthy food!

DH's homemade tortillas

With onions and peppers, and steak... It's in there somewhere!


Wait... How'd THIS get there?

Tonight's supper was homemade whole-wheat pasta with tomato-veggie sauce, and a little aged cheddar. SO good, so nourishing!

Honestly, when I'm really eating healthy, my daily points are almost more than enough for me! It's so crazy... Eat 5000 calories a day worth of junk/high-fat food, feel sluggish and gross and always feel hungry. Eat my daily points worth of healthy food, feel good, feel full.


stackofpennies said...

It's like a key to a door that lets you out. Good reminder lady. with your cooking skills you could make wonderfully tasty heathly food and snacks.

Amber Samaya said...

It's kind of strange, but when I eat really healthy and take care of my body, I feel like a good babysitter! HAHA!

The Incredible Shrinking Tushie said...

hey..i need the recipe for those tortillas...:)