It looks like rain.

It's a grey day here, so rare in Whitehorse! It looks like rain, and it feels like rain but, by golly, it just doesn't SMELL like rain! You know, that fresh, moist smell that lets you know that the world is about to get scrubbed clean? I love that smell, and I was so excited to go outside for lunch, and... And... NOTHING?!

My Vancouverite husband agrees that the smell isn't there. He doubts that the rain will show up, although I'm hoping that it's just the wind blowing away the humidity.

I'm feeling on the low end today... Reading Toni and Amber's blogs make me MISS them!!! I'm feeling lonely, and the endometriosis pain is sucking the life out of me. This is the kind of feeling that is HARD to not eat my way through.

Would ice cream make me feel better?

("IS THAT A TRICK QUESTION?!" screams my pain. "OF COURSE IT WOULD!!")

No. Shut up.

What about chips?

("Seriously, here. That's practically medicinal." lectures my cravings.)

No. Shut up.

Ah, well. Making chocolate chip cookies tonight (for a friend, and to bring to work tomorrow - Administrative Professionals' Day!


April Fire said...

Darhling, You can have all the rain from down here you want! You've just got to come down and get it :P

Say hi to Van-Hubby for me!

Amber Samaya said...
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Amber said...

I read your blog and it makes me miss YOU too! It's raining here today. A light beautiful rain. Perfect day for a pretend coffee shop date with Chantel in my head at Our Town...eating cinnamon buns (for pretend)...avoiding female strippers. ;)

Chantel said...

Sharing a cinnamon bun, maybe?

WOOHOO for avoiding the strippers! :D

stackofpennies said...

You are so sweet. I can't wait to visit you and see these pretend rain clouds of yours. It's very curious.