It's a bet.

So, as you might be able to tell, based on the sporadic posts in the last year or so, I have had NUMEROUS false starts getting back on this whole diet thing. Really, it's not my fault that food tastes even better when you're depressed and hobbly!!

So last night in bed, the Hubbins and I were discussing this, and I asked him to place bets - How long do you think I'll stick to the diet thing this time?

A day?

A week?

A Month?

Until we move?

Until school gets in?

Until Christmas?

Chris decided on two weeks. I would last LESS than two weeks back on WW. I think that for a challenge, he's setting the bar a little low, but I'm always glad to have something pushing me. I love proving people wrong!

(Incrementing might be a word if you're a programmer, but it DOESN'T COME UP at Dictionary.com Chris. Therefore it's NOT a real word!)

So, if it's going to be a bet, there must be TERMS, right? What will I have to give, if I don't make it to two weeks. Here's a hint to all my GDT friends - It's not a steak, but it goes hand in hand!

But if I MAKE IT, I get a pre-planned weekend breakfast in bed, healthy and yummy and delivered to meeeee!!! Is that worth a couple of weeks of tracking for? I think so!

And a Special SHOUT OUT to K! I found something for your to share with your boss!!!


April Fire said...

C, this is a great thing! You can definitely do two weeks on WW. Make it three and you've got a good habit brewing. Before long, it'll be second nature.

The other C should join you. It's always easier doing things as a team!

Looking forward to following you along again :D

Amz said...

Mwhahahahha. 2 weeks is easy. You're a rock star, you'll have that cranked out and laughing.

Maybe plan a steak dinner for your 14th night of tracking.

Oh wait, is that mean? o_O

Chantel said...

Chris naturally loses weight and gets healthier if I'm on plan. And he'd rather eat healthier on a regular basis anywho!

And Amz - If he's not getting the other part, he might as well get the steak!! ;-)