Did I mention...

Did I mention that I'd applied for uVic a couple of months ago?


Well then I definitely didn't mention that I got accepted!! I will be starting the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts program at the University of Victoria this fall!!!

Just sayin'. Not that I'm excited or anything.


Speaking of medications!

I'm writing this while sedated a bit, so please bear with me...

Or Bare with me? Heehee!

I just wanted to talk about one strange side effect of one of my new meds: I can no longer taste carbonation on my tongue! Seriously! I've tried!!

I LOVE me some Coke Zero. It is my favorite beverage of ALL TIME! Give me a ice cold can of coke zero, covered in condensation, and the crack as it opens, and oh yeah... Cold and bubbly and refreshing.

 Oh yeah, bay-bee... Come to Mama!

Make that Cold and Dead and Lifeless now. It's like Zombie Coke. It's cold, sure, but not AS cold. And I can feel the fizz, but not until it hits the back of my mouth, which is just strange. And without that carbonation, the flavour is just sad, sad, sad.

My dentist, of course, will be thrilled. And probably also my stomach lining. I've now been reduced to drinking fruit juice, milk, and the most dreaded of all beverages... WATER!!

Oh, Screw you water. What have you ever done for me besides everything?! Huh?! NOTHING!

 I really never thought I'd see a day where Pop wasn't my first choice of beverage, but the day has come. And since one of the other side effects of the medications is dry mouth, I'm drinking a lot of water. 

So if you'll excuse me, I need to pee.


Is that a smile I see?!

I'm actually feeling really, really happy.

Where the heck did THAT come from?!

Those who know me know that I suffer from depression, as well as some mild to moderate generalized anxiety disorder. Also some agoraphobia.

2010, and especially the beginning of 2011, was a huge challenge for me - My tolerance for my medications built, and built, and built... I went from being on a small dose of one anti-depressant in 2009 (My banner, 100 lb loss year) to now being on 2 anti-depressants (In much larger doses) and an anti-convulsant and beta-blocker for my anxiety.

And you know what? Lately, I've been happy and relaxed! Enough so that I've been back on plan, eating loads of healthy veggies...

As of yesterday, I could see the number on the scale again, instead of just ERR, and today, I was 4.3 lbs lower than yesterday. Fluke? Maybe. But it was nice to be able to SEE it!

I hope everyone out there is feeling content, peaceful, and happy. Also, I hope you're all getting the same gorgeous blue skies that we've got up here in the Yukon!!