Is that a smile I see?!

I'm actually feeling really, really happy.

Where the heck did THAT come from?!

Those who know me know that I suffer from depression, as well as some mild to moderate generalized anxiety disorder. Also some agoraphobia.

2010, and especially the beginning of 2011, was a huge challenge for me - My tolerance for my medications built, and built, and built... I went from being on a small dose of one anti-depressant in 2009 (My banner, 100 lb loss year) to now being on 2 anti-depressants (In much larger doses) and an anti-convulsant and beta-blocker for my anxiety.

And you know what? Lately, I've been happy and relaxed! Enough so that I've been back on plan, eating loads of healthy veggies...

As of yesterday, I could see the number on the scale again, instead of just ERR, and today, I was 4.3 lbs lower than yesterday. Fluke? Maybe. But it was nice to be able to SEE it!

I hope everyone out there is feeling content, peaceful, and happy. Also, I hope you're all getting the same gorgeous blue skies that we've got up here in the Yukon!!

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Amz said...

I take the same anti-convulsant. It's a horrific drug to be on. I hope you're able to tolerate it well. I'll be honest though, it is also used to treat bi polar disorder and while I don't technically need it for a mood disorder, I definitely feel the effects. I hope you do as well. :) YAY for movement on the scale!