Speaking of medications!

I'm writing this while sedated a bit, so please bear with me...

Or Bare with me? Heehee!

I just wanted to talk about one strange side effect of one of my new meds: I can no longer taste carbonation on my tongue! Seriously! I've tried!!

I LOVE me some Coke Zero. It is my favorite beverage of ALL TIME! Give me a ice cold can of coke zero, covered in condensation, and the crack as it opens, and oh yeah... Cold and bubbly and refreshing.

 Oh yeah, bay-bee... Come to Mama!

Make that Cold and Dead and Lifeless now. It's like Zombie Coke. It's cold, sure, but not AS cold. And I can feel the fizz, but not until it hits the back of my mouth, which is just strange. And without that carbonation, the flavour is just sad, sad, sad.

My dentist, of course, will be thrilled. And probably also my stomach lining. I've now been reduced to drinking fruit juice, milk, and the most dreaded of all beverages... WATER!!

Oh, Screw you water. What have you ever done for me besides everything?! Huh?! NOTHING!

 I really never thought I'd see a day where Pop wasn't my first choice of beverage, but the day has come. And since one of the other side effects of the medications is dry mouth, I'm drinking a lot of water. 

So if you'll excuse me, I need to pee.

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Amz said...

Topamax is the devil. :P For me, within days of starting it all carbonated beverages taste 'off' by the time I'm up to full dosage they taste like swamp water. Ugh. Cannot drink them.

If you look at the Topamax website, its a known side effect with carbonated drinks. For some reason it changes the way your brain perceives them. Bizarro.

Taste perception is a side effect, but carbonated beverages is one of the biggies.

I miss diet coke. :(