How long has it been?!

My goodness, it's been a good many months since I've posted here! The last time I posted here, I'd only just been accepted to UVic!

I'm now at the beginning of my second semester!!!

Which, of course, means I moved to Victoria.

So here I am, in school, living in a new city... And ever so fat! At the beginning of the first semester, I dieted briefly. I ate 1200-1500 calories a day, and felt horribly sick. And then for the rest of the semester, and all through Christmas break, I ate fast food, junk food... I gained weight like CRAZY. I can't actually weigh myself right now, which I'm disappointed about.

So now I'm back on plan. I know a lot of long time dieters have gone off of weight watchers with the new points-plus changes, but I'm happy to stick with good old points tracking. I just find it easier, more convenient... Especially now that I can track on my phone or iPad on the go.

On top of that, Chris and I are coming to terms with the reality that we just can't spend like we used to. We're down to one income... Our fixed expenses are less, but our variable expenses have to less too. The funny thing is, it's actually cheaper down here to eat healthily than to eat fast food! What luck!!

So here I am, signing off... I'll try to post more frequently - Tell you how I'm doing in school, how the dieting is going, etc etc. Good luck to me!


True Blue said...

It has been too long!!!

Glad to "see" you back :)

True Blue said...

P.S., it's me the other CD :)

Sadie said...

Welcome back!

TL said...

Hooray! Welcome back!